"War God's Horse Song"

from the Navajo
(version by Louis Watchman)

Source: The Rattle Bag
Editors: Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes

I am the Turquoise Woman's son
On top of Belted Mountain
beautiful horses--slim like a weasel!
My horse with a hoof like a striped agate,
with his fetlock like a fine eagle plume:
my horse whose legs are like quick lightning
whose body is an eagle-plumed arrow:
my horse whose tail is like a trailing black cloud.
The Little Holy Wind blows thru his hair.
My horse with a mane made of short rainbows.
My horse with ears made of round corn.
My horse with eyes made of big stars.
My horse with a head made of mixed waters.
My horse with teeth made of white shell.
The long rainbow is in his mouth for a bridle
             and with it I guide him.
When my horse neighs, different-colored horses follow.
When my horse neighs, different-colored sheep follow.
             I am wealthy because of him.

             Before me peaceful
             Behind me peaceful
            Under me peaceful
            Over me peaceful--
            Peaceful voice when he neighs.
I am everlasting and peaceful.
I stand for my horse.

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