Digital Learning Day Warren Hills 4th Grade

Team ONE Reflection Paragraph:Our job was to tweet what other classes were doing during Digital Learning Day. For example most of kindergarten used skype to listen to an author read one of her books it was very interesting to watch. We had so much fun watching others learn about technology .

Team TWO Reflection Paragraph:The whole school is doing cool things and it was fun going around and seeing what they are doing for DLD.

On Digital Learning Day Heusi's Class is: Using My Storybook with their buddies and making story knock-offs, helping their buddies spell other some words, they are all writing My First Storybook. So that is what Mrs.Heusi's class did for DLDay.

On Digital Learning Day Dodd's Class is:Ms.Dodds class did my first story book and went to play the projector (shadow) game.

On Digital Learning Day Jeffries' Class is:we played a game where you have to dodge a obsticle but with your shadow

On Digital Learning Day Hayes' Class is:J:Working on Hour of code and uploading images with their buddies. The were  also teaching Mrs. Stewarts class how to get apps on the app store and how to download them.

On Digital Learning Day Pitt's Class is: First they went to the gym then they did search the earth and saw different houses and they learned.Lilly:In Mr.Pitts classroom they played this shadow game.Also they went in google earth and googled houses and went onside then.

On Digital Learning Day Tysdahl's Class is: RW they are using Google slides and writing about how to do things like riding bikes,ting shoes,and how to find a pot of gold.

On Digital Learning Day Roberts' Class is:They have a list a it says to do something and they have to write about it.

On Digital Learning Day Winston's Class is:MG:They were using science,technology,engineering and math to make a presentation, about a roller coaster. They used toobs to make the roller coaster, and they used and marble for the car.

On Digital Learning Day Springfield's Class is on kahoot and helped 1st graders with a google slides. the students (1st graders) learned that the class knows the awnser to hard math problems. the class was using chromebooks to make a google slides.The coolest part is that the class was helping there buddies.

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