Warren J Campbell

Watertown High School Careers Development Leader

About Warren J Campbell

Warren J. Campbell currently serves as the careers department leader at Watertown High School, in Watertown, Connecticut, where he oversees a team of business teachers, medical teachers, and technology teachers. In this position, he has authored successful grant proposals valued at $15,000 and $25,000 from the state’s Department of Education, while also drawing considerable interest in the school’s personal finance and web design courses. Warren J. Campbell has also served as the computer department leader for the entire district, providing instructional and administrative leadership to various computer departments.

Warren J. Campbell’s daily responsibilities in his work with the school district include creating daily lesson plans, testing materials, and helping faculty members to seamlessly integrate various technologies into the classroom. In addition to serving as an advisor for the National Honor Society, DECA, and FBLA, Mr. Campbell serves as a member of the district technology committee. In his spare time, he enjoys researching the latest technology information in order to maximize performance.

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