How Is Obesity Represented In America

Obesity Growth In America

Obesity in America has grown 29% in 45 years and it is going to continue in the coming years. America is the second largest country only be hide Mexico. it is predicted that in 2030 more then 50% of American's will be obesity, that's not including overweight people in America. The growth in America is causing younger people who are just starting there life's to end up having a shorter life span then the adults who are causing most of the obesity in children.

Why are Americans so fat...

American's have 500 more calories then the recommended amount a day which means they need to do more excises the recommended amount but no only 1/3 adults get the recommended amount of excise  , soft drink in the 1970 only made up 4% of calories in a day compared to now that are up to 11% of everybody's calories intake.

The average kid spends 7.5 hour watching or playing on a box daily. Which means there sitting on there bums and not doing any excise 1 in every 5 house have a park near by.

how does this tie back to how is America represented in obesity,

Well this has shown to you that America need help through there government to enforce fast food restaurant's out of neighborhood's and get fresh food closer to homes so people can get motivated to go shopping and buying more fresh food. the rest of the world sees this when they go over for holidays and thinks there a lazy country that has nothing to look forwards to.


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