Watch The Wolf of Wall Street Online Free

At this point if you haven’t seen it then it is probably time to watch The Wolf of Wall Street online. This movie has provided two solid camps of people. On one side there are the people who just absolutely love the movie and claim it is a work art that accurately captures the greed and decadence of an era.

The other camp is of course those that hate it and see the film as a poorly written and portrayed romp of cliché based humor that goes nowhere, teaches no lesson and lacks any value of any kind. No matter what side of the fence that you fall on you will have to watch The Wolf of Wall Street in order to form an intelligent opinion about the film.

The movie follows the crooked exploits of stock broker Jordon Belfort, played by Leonardo Dicaprio. It follows the life of this character as he manipulates all of those around him into selling his stocks at an incredibly inflated price. The movie goes into great detail to show off the excess of women, cars and homes that Dicaprio’s character manages to use, waste and squander.

The plot is based on a real life story, when the bottom falls out of the stock market in the late 1980’s Belfort finds himself unemployed and seeking a job. On the advice of his wife he takes a job in what is called the boiler room where they deal with the world of penny stocks. This is a part of the world that largely unregulated still and Belfort soon learns that he is really good at amassing money in this manner. He quickly begins to earn a small fortune in the world of penny stocks. This is where he earns the nickname The Wolf of Wall Street and he does all he can to live up to it.

It is at this point that Belfort recruits several family members and friends to work with him in his business that is basically a scam and stealing money from investors. As you watch The Wolf of Wall Street online free the absolute excess of these people will be the thing that grabs you. Eventually, as all things do this scam has to come to an end. This means that the characters have to pay for all that they have done. He has to turn evidence against all of his coworkers in order to get a reduced sentence for himself.

This film clearly was designed to glorify the lifestyle of these people who have very low moral character and to pay no attention to the fact that they were clearly stealing. Even though Martin Scorsese is a talented director, clearly he missed the mark here. It was unclear when you watch The Wolf of Wall Street online if it was created to display the stupidity of people or just how corrupt they can become when they get a lot of money for it.

This movie is a joke with no punch line or a journey with no destination. There is no real point to it at all. In the end there was no great moral lesson learned, unless it involved the idea that stealing will allow you to live a life of waste and extravagance. Great movies have a plot, a message and usually there is something spiritual that you can take from watching it. This movie missed on all of these levels but in my opinion shouldn't be avoided. Why? After all The Wolf of Wall Street is entertaining and you can watch online the full movie.

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