Watch your fast food diet in 2015

The curtains have fallen on 2014 and with the New Year on its way in let us make a resolution to eat better and healthier in 2015. We need to watch our diet at every step and eat only what contributes to our constitution rather than food that comforts us, we will talk more about comfort food shortly, but let us begin with what merits first mention in a time when we are all travelling around.

Eating healthy at an airport: Yes, the imminent diet plan violation that you will have this year will not be at a fast food restaurant in India. There is always a rush at the airport when we all in the last minute rush to reach home and be with our families and close friends, and nature conspires against our wishes with heavy fog and overcast conditions that simply make it impossible for aircrafts to take off. It is at times such as this when we are stuck at the airport and hunger makes us forget all about health and diet and gorge upon whatever comes in sight. But eating an airport is not completely impossible. The best solution is to plan ahead and prepare your own meal. There is a very good chance that you will be stuck at the airport, so prepare your own meal. If you do not have the time to get your own meal made and must eat at the airport pick healthy things: fruits and unsweetened beverages or a glass of juice.

Staying away from comfort food: Researchers have blown the lid off the concept of comfort food altogether. They have experimented with placebos and found that the effect stays the same. It’s more to do about the way we think rather than what it actually is. It was found that people begun feeling good about themselves after a little while and food had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Meat eaters are happier!: Now don’t go about pointing your finger at us for saying that. The Roy Morgan Research institute conducted a research that found meat eaters to be happier compared to non-veg people. Of course they were slightly more likely to smoke and drink and be apparently less healthy than those that abstain from alcohol and meat. So, if you eat meat but were unsure whether you should order meat at a fast food restaurant in India, now you don’t have to think twice in 2015!

Eating healthy fast food at a restaurant in India has never been easier. In 2015, you can eat better and healthier. Keep reading awesome fast food related content here!