Water Filled Barriers and How They Help Manage Traffic

Accidents that send vehicles spinning out of control need a clear zone to recover control of the vehicle. For a clear zone to be put in place empty space is necessary. When there is a lack of space, engineers and road safety officials resort to use of barriers. Water filled traffic barrier and concrete barriers are most commonly used but metallic barriers also do find application all around.

Barriers today have gone beyond roads and started appearing inside residential and commercial premises. In order to manage traffic those entrusted with overseeing traffic flow within residential areas use barriers. Of all kinds of barriers that are currently in use in India or abroad, water filled traffic barriers are the most common.

The reason behind the popularity of water filled barriers

  • Water filled barriers are produced from hollow plastic structures and formed with polyethylene.
  • They are produced with amazing functions of portable and lightweight. Furthermore, they gain additional constancy and potency from being filled with water.
  • They are not only easy to tow and move around, plastic water filled barriers are also very safe compared to any concrete or steel barrier ever made.
  • Water filled traffic barrier is quite effective for traffic control purpose on different construction sites and highways. Plastic barriers are also quite valuable for pedestrian walkways and crowd control purpose. They are accessible in several price ranges, sizes and shapes.
  • These barriers come in a massive range of colors that are very eye-catching and can easily be recognized even from a far distance. Sighting barriers from a distance is in itself a deterrent to rash driving.

Types of water filled barriers
Flexible Barriers: The flexible water filled traffic barrier minimize the severity of the car crashes, and their design enables the vehicles to be smoothly redirected.

Rigid Barriers: Rigid bodies stop the vehicle in its tracks and are perfect when the angle of impact is very low. The rigid safety road barriers provide the highest protection for heavy vehicles, and require low or no maintenance at all, depending on the material from which are made.

Semi Rigid Barriers: These don’t deflect as much as the flexible road safety barriers, and are usually installed close to hazards. Because they are made of rails or steel beams, the semi-rigid safety road barriers are deformed completely when vehicle hits them, and have lower deflection level than the flexible barrier systems.

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