A watermelon nail art for these rainy season

Watermelon contains 6% sugar and 91% of water by weight. It's delicious and source of vitamin c too. But what if you put them on your nails? Isn't it fun and epic? Try it!

To make this watermelon nail art, you will need:

1. Red, Green, Black, and White nail polish                      2. Toothpick or tip of a ball pen                                                         3. CREATIVITY!!


First, apply the red nail polish and let it dry. I mean it. DRY.

Second, apply the green nail polish at the tip of the nail to look like the base of the watermelon.

Then, put white nail polish in between the red and green nail polish. You may use a toothpick to form a straight line if you don't have nail polish with pointer.

Lastly, put some seed-like dots using the black nail polish for the seeds of the watermelon. You may use a toothpick or a tip of a ball pen to do so.

Note: Keep the polish dry first on your nail before applying another polish to avoid mixing of colors. You may use a top coat to make your polish last longer.

Have a watery watermelon nail art to show! Let me know and see if you make one! Share it to me!! Just click the button below