Rules of the shogun


rule: samurai's are not aloud to participate in trade or business

reason: because they already had enough to do while they were in there peacetime.

rule: swords had to be protected at all times

reason: so people couldn't take them and fight


rule: peasants can not leave the district without permission for any reason at all

reason: so the peasants can not leave or escape if they don't like where they are living.


rule: artisans sons cant commit to any practice but only to the practice there father has chosen

reason: then the father can teach the son how to do what he's doing as a job

rule: artisans cant be primary producers

reason: they can not do this because in Japan there are a lot of people and there can be primary producers who can provide the artisans with materials


rule: merchants cant show off there wealth

rule: merchants could talk to the government about there job for a certain time

reason: so there will be no jealousy throughout Japan.

reason: so they could see if they were going to rebel


rule: not aloud to trade to other people

reason: men would think they like them and men would fight over women

rule: they could only get married once & could not leave there husband

reason: so if they leave them they dont fight about it.