Umar ibn Al-Khattāb

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Why is Umar A Hero?

Umar Ibn Al-Khattab is a great example of a good Muslim. He was a great man on and off the battle field. He who used to be one of Prophet Mohammed's biggest enemies, became one of the prophet's best companions. He changed from anti-Muslim to one of the best examples of a good Muslim. Umar was always a wise man and he became even wiser and self cautious when he embraced the Prophet's teachings.

Umar Ibn Khattab became the second caliph after the death of Prophet Mohammed. When he became the caliph he lived humbly and did his best to be a fair and just caliph. He followed the sun-nah of Prophet Mohammed. As a Muslim, I have learned from Umar that even the worst of us can become the best of us or even better.