4/15/15 Adrianna&Alicia ( East)

In India they have the following dinning rules..... You are not allowed to pour your own drink. You are also not allowed to place your left arm on the table. Always use your right hand to pick up food. Men and women are not even allowed to sit together they are dined sepretly. Children and men all get their meal first women are always last. You are not allowed to thank the host for being there they think its unnessery. Your also not allowed to discuss buissness and your spouses are not allowed to/ask to come on buissness trips with you. The most important thing is the spoon is more important then a fork.

One thing I found very surprising is that men and women arent even allowed to sit together in the United States you can sit with any gender you want. This was very important to know India's etiquette rules because if I went to India and didnt know this they would probaly kick me out of the resturant or people would even think i'm being disrespectful for not following their rules.

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