The Bubonic Plague affected many people in Medieval Times, but I'm here to talk about how and what it did to the peasants/serfs. One problem is that, peasants had a lot of tax problems during the Bubonic Plague. The Peasants had their taxes raised by their kings. "A second problem was that the Black Death had severely depleted the tax base of the medieval state. This caused kings to raise taxes drastically to meet expenses coming from the chronic warfare of the age, in particular the Hundred Years War raging between France and England. "But other workers and peasants did die which gave the remaining ones higher pay, some peasants went off to even fight in the Hundred years’ war!" Some peasants were even refusing to go back to their lords/Manors. "Many peasants simply ignored the law or when they were forced to return to their former Lord’s they would simply move far away at the first chance they could get." "In less than a decade, millions of people up and down the Silk Road from China, India, the Middle East and Europe would die horribly painful (and really disgusting) deaths." Including the peasants.The peasants had a chance to demand higher pay because of all the other workers dying, and other fellow peasants! Many Many things affected the Peasants/Serfs during the Bubonic Plague and other people that lived in Medieval times.

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