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vidifire review is one of the best ways to make money online. People are passionate about reading all they can about the topics that interest them-- particularly if they find a well-done site dedicated to the topic. People also tend to buy things that help them, entertain them, or teach them. You can combine their passion for soaking up information and their tendency to spend money to profit from your own site. Of course, the web is always changing. What worked 10 years ago or even 5 years ago no longer works today. It’s time for a niche site strategy that will work for you now and for years to come. That’s exactly what I’m presenting to you today-- it’s the opportunity to cash in, in a way
that readers and search engines love. It’s not about taking shortcuts or slapping sites up for the sake of doing it. At the same time, I think you’ll find that these sites are easy (and even fun) to build. Very few people are using this strategy-- and next to none are doing it in exactly the way I’m going to show you. Get in on the strategy early so you can ‘wow’ your niche and make a big splash. You’ll soon have a lot of sites out there earning for you on autopilot.
What Are Mini Authority Niche Sites?
Authority sites are really the way to go these days. People want to learn about things and get product recommendations from people who know what they are talking about. Those little niche review sites that were so popular years ago can still work-- but they can’t touch this style of site. People expect some relationship building before they hand over their hard-earned cash. They want to get to know you as the site owner and product recommender. They are on to the ‘scammy’ product recommendation techniques of days past and they want something more. That’s exactly what you’re going to give them.
There are huge authority sites out there that are really popular-- those sites earn well, but they are also a bear to maintain. Their owners have to hire people to work on them constantly or marry themselves to the site day and night. You’re going to have the best of both worlds. It’s going to be small and manageable so that it doesn’t take over your life. But it’s also going to contain the elements popular authority sites have so you can really stand out in the vidifire review -- earning search engine traffic and a loyal readership.

Your site is going to:

● Focus on a specific subniche
● Be personal
● Be honest
● Build a high converting list
● Convert highly with product recommendations
● Feature three different types of content search engines and readers will love
● Feature the latest information and news
This will all make sense as you read through the site strategy, so just keep these things in mind as you read on.
Why These Sites Are So Profitable
Mini authority niche sites are so profitable because they give people what they need before they make a buying decision. It’s one thing to see an ad or a canned review on someone’s site. Those things can convert...but usually not very well. It’s much better for people to feel like they know the site author. It’s better for people to feel like they can trust the person giving them the product recommendation.
People tend to buy more from those they like and trust. They have long ago caught on to
scammy ads on the web and they aren’t going to stand for it anymore. People are also very in tune with the fact that they should research the things they buy before they buy them. They want someone...someone like give them the real ‘scoop.’ They want real information from someone they can relate to.
You’ll be using a lot of the elements of copywriting to make great sales from your website. You’ll build a relationship through your list and through the content on your website. This method might be different than any you’ve used before, but I highly suspect you’ll find it to be a lot more profitable.
Choosing a Niche
There are some important things to think about when it comes to choosing a niche. Consider these criteria:
● People should actively seek information about the niche
● People should be used to spending money in the niche
● There should be authority sites already up in the niche
● There should be mini review sites already up in the niche
● It should be something you are interested in running a site about

People Should Actively Seek Information About the Niche
You won’t do very well if no one is searching for terms related to your niche. You also want your site visitors to visit time and time again. There should be plenty of opportunity to write new articles and target new products. At the same time, you don’t want the niche to be so broad that it will be hard for you break through and stand out in the niche.
Here is an example of this concept: “Gardening” would be a niche that is too broad. There are certainly authority sites on that topic, but it’s not something you’ll target for a mini authority site. “Organic container gardening” would be a niche that is just right for a mini authority site. There is a lot you can write about it but it’s also very specific. People actively seek information about this topic and buy products on the vidifire review . It’s something they keep up with regularly as a useful hobby.

People Should Be Used to Spending Money in the Niche
It doesn’t matter how devoted your following is if they aren’t spending a dime. It’s great to have an active readership, but you want an active readership that is constantly buying products related to the topic at hand. This will allow you to review products on your site, make money through emails to the list you’ll build, and even create and sell your own products. Take a look at sites that are already out there. What are they advertising? What are they reviewing? Do you think they are making money? Are there products on Amazon you can promote? If you type related words into Google, do Adwords ads appear? These are all good indicators that there is money to be made in the niche.
There Should Be Authority Sites Already Up in the Niche
Your job is to follow the money. If there are zero authority sites, others have likely already determined that the readership and interest isn’t there. It’s not worth your time if there aren’t other, healthy, sites already in the space.
There Should Be Mini Review Sites Already Up in the Niche
Small fish follow the big fish! Search Google to find mini niche review sites. If there are, that means others have determined that there is money to be made. You’re going to do even better than these little guys...but it really does help to make sure they exist in the first place. They’ve already done the research that says it’s a good niche to target.


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