solar system facts


THE SUN~ Sol is the name of the suns symbol. The sun is the center of the solar system.

MERCURY~ A year in mercury. Closest planet to the sun and circles the sun gaster than any outher planet in the solar system.

Venus~ Second brightest object in the night sky. Hottest planet in the solar system.

Earth~ The only planet with living people on it. 97% of the water on earth is salted. 200,000 people on earth are born every day.

Mars~ Very weak gravity one mars. Mars also has many channels and canyons.

ASTEROID BELT~ Some asteroids int he belt have moons of their own.

JUPITER~ Surrounding the core, is an ocean of nitrogen. Jupitar has several moons but it has four verry large moons.

SATURN~ The mass is 568,319,000,000,000,000 billion km. The second largest planet in the solar system

URANUS~ The surface temperature is -197 celcious. Uranus has a very slow orbit, so was thought to be a star.

NEPTUNE~ The surface temperature is -201 degrees celcious. Neptune is the smallest of the four gas giants.

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