Evaluating eBook Designs

By: Alvaro Martin

Image source:"rCLhELT3.jpg"By conniemig. Downloaded from morguefile. Free for educational use.


This ebook has a good quality of the content due to the fact that it is coherent and detailed. It uses heroes and antiheroes to teach lots of new adjetives in a funny way. It includes several resources which do it attractive for everybody. It is also full accesible and original using lego to attract our attention.

Learning about writing

This is a good ebook to learn step by step how to write correctly and also it gives clues to take into consideration. There are some videos where you can get extra information. The chapters are well organized but maybe there is lack of originality even seeing that ebooks are "quite" new, the content could be more interactive. But leaving that apart, I really appreciate that this ebook is accessible for everyone.

Let's learn about fractions

After reading this ebook, you can not have doubts about halves and quarters due to the fact that it explains it perfectly and also you have a final video to explain again the content. Also, it uses lots of multimedia resources to interact and learn by doing. It is a recommendable ebook, simple but well-structured. The ebook is entirely accesible and thank to this ebook I obtain some good ideas for my one.

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