Wayne Himelsein

Wayne Himelsein and Informed By Nature

About Wayne Himelsein

As the founding member, president, and chief investment officer of Logica Capital Advisers, Wayne Himelsein continues an extensive career in the financial industry. Throughout his professional life, Himelsein has overseen portfolios worth hundreds of millions of dollars, created asset-backed lending strategies, and launched a $300 million hedge fund. Logica Capital Advisers utilizes his specially designed quantitative trading strategy that responds to market changes across multiple asset classes. Furthermore, Wayne Himelsein leads its portfolio management team and handles research and development for the firm.

In addition to his financial acumen, Himelsein gives back to the scientific community by running Informed By Nature. Its founder and president, he dedicated years developing this non-profit organization to encourage scientific literacy and to teach people about the importance of science for our present and future. Visitors to InformedByNature.org can read about the latest scientific advances, discover their potential impact on society, and interact with others who are interested in the field. Upon its launch, Wayne Himelsein described the site as “public relations for science” and described how “the progress of humanity depends on opening minds to a scientific worldview.”