Wayne Schepens

Vice President at Welz & Weisel


Wayne Schepens is an experienced strategic consultant and information systems engineer with decades of expertise in the private sector, as well as the United States defense industry. Through WayneWright Consulting LLC, founded in 2006, Wayne Schepens assists in the development of early-stage software products by guiding strategy in the most productive direction. For the past three years Mr. Schepens has served as the Vice President for Welz & Weeisel.

A published author and accomplished public speaker, Wayne Schepens earned his BE in Electrical Engineering in 1991 from State University of New York Maritime College, where he also played baseball and tennis. He later graduated from Virginia Tech with an MS in Civil Engineering. He donates to the following charities: Lady of the Fields Catholic Church, Junior League of Annapolis, American Heart Association, Altoona Fire Department, and Southern Shores Fire Department. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, coaching, training, baseball, swimming, and mountain biking.

Use of MEP Packages in Construction Designs

Wayne Schepens is co-founder of NW2 Engineers in Baltimore, Maryland. Wayne Schepens' responsibilities as principal include engineering oversight. The firm’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) design packages are among its core offerings.

MEP packages offer integrated design options for commercial and residential buildings. Construction consulting service companies, such as NW2 Engineers, size and figure the loads for the assignments, whether the projects involve large and tall buildings or much smaller constructions. MEP system design networks also include total drawing packages that can be used for securing the necessary construction permits.

Included with MEP packages are structural design packages, which are generally supported by consulting services. Coordinating an MEP package can present a unique challenge in construction projects, as advanced system designs must be used to implement and plan MEP configurations.

Currently, the technology used to design MEP networks must be set up to meet specific technological and business requirements. Therefore, 3D modeling is frequently used. Because of the complications of the designs, only a company that specializes in engineering and construction should be utilized for consulting work or feasibility planning studies.

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