I have inherited the spirit of helping others and helping at/for places.

One day I was at a camp that was for my culture and it was like a gathering.  We talked about how to help one another by donating things to help one another. We had a fundraiser were we would show our Native American dance. And talk about our culture so people could learn more about us. We had tons of people donate useful things to us. My family and I donated a lot of things that we knew that could be helpful. And I was one of the dancers.

I know that my family likes to help out others, we are a family were if we feel or know that there's is a place that would need help at with donating things or for helping out for a big event we always are helping to help in some way.

It is important to help out because once you help out with a place or someone they know that they could always turn for you if you needed help. They'll feel comfortable.  And once helping out, it may pass on to the next person.

I would like  to know about how others help out that way.