Augmented Reality


What do I like?

Wikitude is an App which allows the user to search their immediate vicinity for resources such as accommodations and restaurants. What I like about this App is the fact that it is easy to use. Once the App is launched all I have to do is select the category and point the phone. I tested out the App by trying to find accommodations close within my immediate area. The App showed me two hotels within a short radius to where I was standing. Earlier, I used the App to find search for restaurants and found many different places I did not know existed.

There are so many other features to this App including (but not limited to) the ability to scan your money to get the current rate of exchange, links to '' and ''.

What didn't I like?

While the information provided was done so quickly, I found there wasn't enough information to enable me to make a decision as to which hotel I wanted to go to. I was not provided with the address of the hotel nor was I provide directions on how to get to the hotel. When I selected one of the hotels I was advised to go to the "" website for further information. Not very helpful and time consuming.

There are a number of advertisements on the App which is a little distracting when trying to figure out all the features available to use.

How could this App be improved?

This App could be improved upon by providing additional information regarding the destination selected. As noted previously, if the hotel address was provided or if directions to the hotel were provided it would greatly improve the user experience. The App could even go a step further and provide ratings and amenities for the hotel. Consideration could be given to adding a feature to show a 3D image of the hotel and the surrounding area.

Do you see a future for this App?

Absolutely! This App has a bright future. The concept behind this App is brilliant and with some enhancements this App can be in the forefront of other similar Apps. The App is free to those who want to download it which is an added bonus.

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