Plate Tectonics

Chelsea D.

There are three types of plate boundaries divergent,convergent,and transform here are the type of plate boundaries:

Divergent is when two plates separate from each other.When the two plates separate from each other a block drops into the soft asthenosphere and as it sinks it form a central valley called a rift.

Convergent is when two plates  come together.When an oceanic plate meets a continental plate the oceanic plate bends down in to the earth while the continental plate has formed a mountain range.An example is on the west coast of South America where the oceanic Nazca plate is crashing into South America's continent.

Transform is when two plates slide past each other in opposite directions.Transform is some times marked in some places with linear valleys along the boundaries of rocks that have been ground up by the sliding of the two plates.For example the most famous in the world is the San Andreas fault.