Invitation to
the Biggest Fireworks Competition
in Japan!

23rd-24th of Aug in Akita


Hello! We, Yajirobay, organize international community which organizes an international community in Akita(northern part of Japan). Here in Akita, we have a special opportunity for you to enjoy the biggest firework competition in Japan, called Omagari Hanabi Competition. Also, we prepares the special experience such as wearing yukata, zazen in a temple and lunch party with local people!

Date: 23rd and 24th of Aug.

The price: 21,900 JP yen per person.
Including all activities during your stay in Akita. What you need is the ticket to Akita!

What's included:
-transportation in Akita (bus),
-Yukata rental,
-special seat for firework competition reserved,
-bento box and 1 drinking for the first night,
-hotel (including breakfast) ※you will share the room with other participants.
-entering fee for the hot spring in Higashinaruse village
-lunch with local people in the second day,
-travel insurance covered for 2 days.

Hotel: we prepared shared rooms separated men and women. If you come with more than three people, you will get a private room. The rooms will be Tatami, and you will sleep on Futon^^ Hotel Blanc

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The Biggest Fireworks Competition

Omagari fireworks competition is Japan's largest fireworks display which is held yearly in Daisen city, Akita, started more than a hundred years ago.

Fireworks creators from around Japan make their works with their all efforts and skills to win the most honorable prize, the Prime Minister's award.

Through the event, some 20 thousand of fireworks are set off, enchanting 800 thousand of people visited Omagari to see the spectacle.

One of the most enjoyable parts of this event is a creative fireworks show.  In this part, fireworks are not limited to a roundish shape--they make their works in any shape, including smile mark, bow, sunflower, and even anime characters like Doraemon with combination of three dimensional fireworks and many colors.  The wide star mine is just beyond description.

In this tour, you can see beautiful fireworks in the special seat (sajikiseki) with your family or friends.  

Experience Good-old-days
of Japan

[First Day] Yukata (Japanese traditional summer clothing) is one of the symbols of Japanese summer.  You will wear yukata with professional instructors.  After that, you will walk in Kakunodate.  In the past, there were many samurais in Kakunodate and their houses are still remain there.  

[Second Day] You will experience zazen (religious meditation of Zen Buddhism which aims to attain the ideal state of supreme enlightenment).  


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Yajirobay is organized by Travel Design Co. Ltd. and Akita Cosmo Travel Co .Ltd.

If you have any question, please send us the message. The coordinator will response in Japanese or English.