The Catcher In the Rye

Chapters 1 and 2

A quote that really defines Holden would be, " They kicked me out. I wasn't supposed to come back after christmas vacation, on account of I was flunking four subjects and not applying myself and all".  This describes Holden the best so far because it shows his whole personality in a few sentences. He could care less about flunking classes and was all relaxed about being kicked out as if it were nothing.  It also shows how he never applies himself and does not try at almost anything.

Chapter 3 and 4

A quote that goes with one the themes in the novel would be, " Jane Gallagher. Jesus" I couldn't get her off my mind. I really couldn't" I oughta go down and say hello to her, at least" then Stradlater says" Why the hell don'tcha, instead of keep saying it?"  He was too nervous and not brave enough to go down and talk a girl he used to be friends with.  This was tied to innocence because he was so scared of this girl who would have loved to meet him again.

Chapter 5-6

The acrid smell of Holden's cigarettes annoyed Stradlater.  Holden wants his clandestine about being kicked out quiet.  Ackley and Holden were nocturnal when it came to getting out saturday night.  Holden was quelled by Stradlater's fist.  It is platitude for Holden to flunk his classes.

Ch 7-13

7)  Did not talking to Jane make him depressed?

8)  Why did he feel the need to lie to the mother?

9) Why does he ask about the ducks?

10)  Was Hold afraid of Jane rejection?

11)  Why does he obsess over Kane but wouldn't go down to talk to her?

12) What is he saying when he mentions the fish?

13) Why did he accept Maurice's offer?

John Green Video

- Holden is trying to stay a kid

- He is constantly realizing he is becoming an adult

- He is trying to have someone listen to him

Ch 14 - 17

14) Why did he want to act like he was in a movie when Maurice punched him?

15) Why does being Catholic drive him crazy and why does he think it is phony?

16) Did he go to playground to feel like he was a kid again?

17) Why did he bring up the topic and why did he get so agitated by it?

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