by:christian machuga


this is Jerusalem the holy city in the middle east it is special for Christians just like Islam's but it is populated with Islam's.

A 7ism


this is a painting symbolizing the spirit of this animal and animism is the first beilf system it started in Africa it isn't very big any more but there are still folowers of the belief system

this is the cross that represents Jesus this was not symbol until he was crucified and a lot of people before him were killed on the cross.


Shintoism was created in japan they believe in spirits no gods just like animism also they are usually in one general area.


Hinduism was created in India and is the biggest religion in India it also has a ton of god's, they are polytheistic and have one god that can take like over 30 forms, they also belived in reincarnation which was the biggest thing about Hinduism because if they reached all the way to have a free soul in the universe and then their life would be complete


Buddhism is very big in china they kind of have a god but they know that he lived on earth at one time and his is him his name is Buddha and he created the religion, they believe that if you end your desires you end suffering also one of the biggest monks known to man was a buddahist his name was ghandi and he had a great impact on the world


Judaism is one of the biggest religions up there with Islam and Christianity but this picture is the star of david and is probably the most recognizable symbol of this religion


this is Confucius he started this belive system, but they had to know their plce in society and all children had to respect and help their parents


this is ying and yang but they had to go with flow of nature and anything that is natur man can not change they also had a holy book called tao te

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