Coronado Must  Voyage to the New Land.

Dear Lord Carlos,

                If you had not heard the news yet, all the some Europeans have witnessed new lands and are other countries are attempting to overrun it. If they conquer the new lands before we can, they could overthrow your monarchy, and become exceedingly prosperous. This future could be demolished if I were able sail to the new lands across the violent oceans with a crew of 200 brave, loyal men. If I were given the chance to complete this commission, I would bring back the Seven Cites of Cibola which is gold, silver, gems, and precious stones. Also it could permit the Spanish people to spread their religion, deliver you more dominance than anyone in Europe, supply you with more land, and add to the maps we manipulate today. Just imagine the other European kingdom being controlled with your very own fingertips just because of authority you gained from the unknown world beyond our maps. This could all be yours, if you fund for my exploration. Your funding would be necessary to the exploration due to the obstacles of the unrecognized conflicts England or France, necessities of life and exploration, and the unpredictable atmospheric conditions. The tremendous crew you would provide or I would discover should travel on multiple ships in case of the anonymous raid.


                                                                                   Francisco Vázquez de Coronado  

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