By:  Ethan  Lee

Sources: "History of American Football." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 02 Feb. 2015.


        First, there are a lot of sports in America each sport is different and unique in it’s own way.There is one sport that stands above all the others in the USA and that sport is football.The national football league started in the “1960’s” but football can be traced all the way back to “1892”.If you ever wanted to play this sport you will need supplies you will also have to learn how to play.If you do play you have to know what to do on the field.Finally, you're going to have to know some fun facts about the game.If you like sports you have to try football.


         Next, If you draw a conclusion to play football you will need a few things to get you started.For instance you need the proper gear like a helmet,a jersey,pads,cleats and a mouth guard.Some other important things you need are socks,shorts or pants depending on the weather,a football so you can practice at home the most important thing you will need is a team that you can play on.Other things you could use but you don't have to have them are football gloves.The coach might need a playbook,wrist coaches for the players,a whiteboard to draw plays on.You might even need a bag to carry all your stuff in from game to game.Some people go all out and end up buying thirty footballs and seven mouth guards.But you only need about one mouth guard per year.Plus you need to have a team to play on.You have at least most of these things.

Learning to Play

        Also, when you're learning to play football the first thing you need to do is work as hard as you can.You also have to be committed to your team and the game.You always have to try your best and pay attention to your coach when he talks.Something you should try do is arrive early to all the practices and games so you're not late and you miss an important part of the game.When you learn to play you can’t give up after you drop one pass everybody drops at least one pass in each game or practice.But if you don’t try try again you will never succeed in the world of football.Also when you learn to play it might be hard at first it might make you think it’s the hardest sport in the world but it’s not.It is one of the most energetic fast passed games you will ever play.When your at football practice or at a game it’s better to lose by five than to win by twenty.That is learning how to play.

On the Field

        One more reason is, when you're on the football field you need to at least know the basics of on the field football.Starting with knowing what you're supposed to do.That includes knowing the plays,knowing what your position is and knowing what to do on each play.One more part of on the football on the field is that you have to trust and talk to your teammates on the field because you both might go for the same pass and end up missing it.If you don’t trust your teammates then you wouldn't want to throw the pass to the wide open guy down the field instead you keep it and get sacked.Sacked is when the quarterback still has the ball and gets tackled behind the line.One more thing you need to do on the field is respect everyone even the other team.When you're on the field and you're the quarterback you have to listen to your coach and your offense coordinator.Also if the referee makes a bad call you just have to go with it.Instead of arguing and getting kicked out of the game.Remember to be a team player at all times.

Fun Facts

        Therefore, if you're going to play football you need to know some fun facts about football first.Like which teams were in the first super bowl?What a football is made out of and a lot of other interesting facts.Starting with what is the super bowl?The Super Bowl is a game where the two best teams in each league in the NFL come together in an legendary showdown to see who is the best team for that year.Next you ask,what two teams were in the first Super Bowl?The two teams in the first Super Bowl where The Green Bay Packers and The Kansas City Chiefs.Do you know what a football is made out of ?A football is made out cowhide or pigskin.Another fun fact is that football players used to wear leather helmets.Instead of plastic helmets they wear today.One more final fun fact is that there used to two football leagues instead of one like there is now.The two football leagues where the AFL and the NFL.Now there is two leagues in the NFL the NFC and the AFC.Finally the AFL is gone now.


        Finally, football is one of best sports you're ever going to play.If you play you will need supplies you also need to know how to play you need to know what to do on the field.Finally you need to know some fun facts about the sport.It is a great sport to play any time of year it’s also fun,energetic and fast paced.Just remember one thing after you read this article if you ever wonder which sport your going to play next you should play football.

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