Vietnam War

1. International Peace Conference in Geneva
This event is significant because it is the official event that led to the creation of the 17th parallel, which divided the country and led to significant conflict between North and South (Communists vs. Anti-Communists). The creation of this border is what drastically changed the country forever and separated its people.

2. US & France Setting Up Government
To the South of the 17th parallel, the U.S. and France put Ngo Dinh Diem into power in order to battle the North (Ho Chi Minh and Communism). This is significant because the event created strong opposition, creating the Vietcong Communist guerrillas.

3. Assassination of Diem
This event was significant because it represented that the Communist Vietnamese were taking over regardless of the action that was taken. This event led to th Vietcong taking power and the North invading.

4. US Troops Enter War
This was significant because the people back home in the US turned against its soldiers. The involvement of the U.S. increased tensions in Vietnam. The US used air power and bombed intensely; this event caused more peasants to oppose South Vietnam and its anti-communist government.

5. Postwar Vietnam
After the Vietnam War, communism remained and continues to today. This is significant because the end of the war led to many people fleeing to other nations and Vietnam becoming permanently communist. However, they do have hints of capitalism.

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