Boat Refrigerators – Some Tips To Find The Best Appliance For Your Voyage

The life of a seafarer is full of excitement and challenges. The ocean can completely change its flow and course in a matter if minutes and only the experienced sailors have what it takes to survive in these conditions. There is hard work to be done when you are manning a boat, no matter how big or small. And at the end of the day, all a sailor needs is a blissful cool breeze, a few hours of relaxation and a chilled drink to quench his thirst.

But being at sea can mean having to deal with soaring temperatures which will not do any good after a long hard day at work. And for the trips that will last more than a day, storing supplies and perishables is one of the most critical functions. This is one of the reasons why most sailors prefer to carry a boat refrigerator with them, whenever they plan on taking a voyage. There are many different brands and models available in the market and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But with just a few tips and tricks, you can end up making a better choice and selecting a boat fridge that will be perfectly suitable for your requirements. Let’s look at how you can manage that feat.

Bigger isn’t always better

Unlike in normal circumstances where a bigger fridge will mean more storage space and more cooling, a boat refrigerator cannot be too bulky in size. You want a boat refrigerator with the capacity to hold all of your perishables, but you don't want to waste space, money, or energy getting a unit that is too large. The outside dimensions should be suitable to fit inside your galley while inside measurements should be enough to properly store all your food items. The dimensions should depend upon the size of your craft and should be selected in a manner that your boat doesn’t get too crowded. If you use your boat for short trips around the bay you probably won't need more than a 15- or 20-liter unit. A recreational fishing trip might need a larger marine refrigerator to store the catch on the trip back. For even larger vessels, you will be depending on the boat fridge for survival rather than snacking and as such, you will need an even bigger unit to preserve all your supplies.

Power considerations

This is the second most important factor that you need to look into while buying a boat refrigerator. The power required to run the appliance will take a huge toll on the battery of your vessel. If you will be running your marine refrigerator for long periods when the engine is off then you need to examine your battery capacity. The power demands of refrigerators as well as other high-power items like microwave ovens will require at least one deep cycle battery to keep everything powered.

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