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Admission: $39,000 per year


  • History/Origin: TCU was founded in 1873 by Addison and Ralph Clark. Its location was Thorp Spring, Texas. The name of the college was AddRan Male and Female College. However they decided to move the school to Waco. They were established in Waco in 1895. Im 1889 they changed the name to AddRan Christian University and then in 1902 changed the name to Texas Christian University. Sadly the campus burned down in a fre and had to reslocate in Fort Worth,Texas. Many belive that Baylor university students burned down TCU since they were a Baptist university and TCU was a Christian university. Once in Fort Worth TCU was rebuilt and created 3 new buildinghs. The new TCU was opened in 1911. Ever since the school has grown and added more buildings and students. It has numerous majors and has a balanced teacher to student ratio. It's football team is also very good. TCU has earned many awards both academically and athletically. Due to this many people want to come to this university. Sadly there is not enough room for everyone and they only accept 1/4 of the students that apply. Today it is modern and keeps on improving.

Admission Requirements



Student Life: Frog Camp. This is where incoming freshman learn all the traditions and get to meet other freshman and make new friends. Also other grade levels attend to break the ice with the incoming freshman and teach them about TCU.

Degree Plan

Pre-LawTrackNo matter what your major, you may decide to apply for admission to law school. Members of TCU’s Pre-Law Advisement Program will work with you individually to select courses of study that will match your particular interests and help prepare you for law school. It should also be noted that the decision to enter law school is an important one, and one that not all prospective pre-law students will ultimately choose. In part, this explains why it is important for students to choose undergraduate majors because of academic interest and not as a strategic way to secure admission to law school.

TCU Core CurriculumIncludes courses like...Human Experiences & Endeavors27 hrs.Humanities9 hrs.The American Short Story Faith and Ethical Leadership American CinemaSocial Sciences9 hrs.Introduction to Archaeology Politics of Freedom and Order Medical AnthropologyNatural Sciences6 hrs.Contemporary Issues in Biology Utter Chaos Engineering Design and GraphicsFine Arts3 hrs.Survey of Jazz and Popular Music Dance History The London TheatreHeritage, Mission, Vision & Values18 hrs.Religious Traditions3 hrs.Society and Culture Society and Culture Society and CultureHistorical Traditions3 hrs.Organized Crime American Sports History Oscar Wilde and the 1890sLiterary Traditions3 hrs.The American Dream Sports in Modern American Literature The Roaring TwentiesCultural Awareness3 hrs.Marriage and Family Food and Culture Issues in DiversityGlobal Awareness3 hrs.History of Cuba Latin American Popular Culture Films in a Global SocietyCitizenship and Social Values3 hrs.Critical Issues in Criminal Justice Basic Leadership Theory and Skills Media Industry Law and RegulationEssential Competencies18 hrs.Mathematical Reasoning3 hrs.Topics in Mathematics Elementary Statistics Discrete Mathematics IOral Communication3 hrs.Business and Professional Speaking Parliamentary Debate Instructional CommunicationWritten Communication6 hrs.Introductory Composition Intermediate Composition Freshman SeminarWriting Emphasis6 hrs.Money and Banking Tao of Strategy Public Affairs Reporting

Career Description: Lawyer: Makes 113,530 per year, they are at a 10% demand and are continuing to grow. Lawyers defend their clients in court based on different issues, because of that there are many different types of lawyers. I want to become a corporate Lawyer. They defend companies and sue other companies.

Job Requirements: Lawyers need a professional or Doctoral Degree they also must go to law school.

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Letter Of Recommendation

To Whom it may Concern:

It is without any reservation that I write this letter of recommendation for Michael Rosales to go to Texas Christian University because of his hard work and dedication. He is very responsible and sociable with everyone. He is determined to become a lawyer.

One quality that he has is his patients and generosity to everyone around him. He is also very smart and is creative. These qualities will help him to socialize and be patient with people in being a lawyer. He has a good work ethic and does whatever in his hand to help the people around him. He thrives for greatness and is willing to put in commitment in order to be successful in everything he does. He is also understanding to people's opinions which will help him avoid conflict in his work.

Michael is a someone who will work hard in order to succeed so he will be the perfect one for any position where you communicate or socialize with others. If you want to contact me for more info please contact me at or via phone at (675)-786-5823.

Best Regards,

Gianni Caraveo

AP Human Geography Teacher

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy


Persuasive Essay

I believe that I deserve to attend Texas Christian University because your campus houses the ability to help enhance my skills and become a better person.

Although many people say that attending your university will enhance their skills, they are lying. They only want to come here because they need a college degree. I want to come here because I bleed purple and white. Ever since I have seen and heard about Texas Christian University I have been intrigued. Since I am a devout Christian i am also drawn here because I will be with people who share my religion. I have also heard that the campus and its students are friendly, because of that I am also drawn here. It will truly help me enhance my skills because this campus makes me feel comfortable, and if I am comfortable then I will be able to learn. Secondly the student to teacher ratio is excellent and I need attention in order to succeed. Lastly this campus will enhance my skills because it has the resources. This campus is the only campus to have its own Barnes and Noble, the student to teacher ratio is well balanced and everyone is friendly there. With these factors they will give me the ability to gain more knowledge and skills.

Furthermore I believe I am deserving of this golden opportunity to attend this university is because it will make me a better person and lawyer. When I found out that this university was an all Christian University I wanted to sign up that day, but could not because I was only 14. However as the years passed I became stronger in my Faith and I believe that attending this University will strengthen my faith even more. Especially if I am surrounded by other Christians. Since they are Christian they will encourage me to do the right thing and will be there for me in my time of need. Texas Christian University will also make me a better person because it will teach me morals. I want to be a lawyer and since some lawyers are not very trustworthy they end up on the wrong side of the law. I do not want to end up like that, and because Texas Christian University has trustworthy students I will be influenced to be a better person like them. Lastly since the teachers have time to talk to me they can teach me very valuable life lessons which I will remember when I am inside the court-room and make the right choice.

Texas Christian University is a very prestige and hard working university. I believe that I

am deserving of being able to attend this university. I would be honored to say that I am a horned frog.

Cover Letter

Vincent Edwards

Freddy FazBear’s Pizza

12345 Pizza Street

May 19, 2015

To whom it may concern

I am applying for the night guard position at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

I have previously been employed at Best Buy to monitor the cameras to make sure that customers would not steal or damage any of the products. While working here I obtained the abilities to pay attention to detail, stay focused, remain on task, and work well under pressure.

I have seen that being a security guard is no easy task,that is why I believe that I am the best candidate for this position. Previously mentioned I know how to work/monitor cameras and stay on task.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope will be able to work for your establishment.


Michael Rosales

1987 Bear Avenue




Michael Rosales

1987 Bear Avenue El, Paso, Texas 20157
Phone: 111-987-1987 Fax: 1234567 E-Mail:


I am an intern for the Law offices of El Paso and want to apply for a position open at the law offices of San Antonio


Intern for the court house 2020

n During my internship I was responsible for transporting important documents and paper work. I was also required watch and listen to the hearing and analyze the hearing in writing and submit the writings to my college professor located at TCU.

Intern for the law offices of El Paso 2024

n During my internship at the Law offices of El Paso I was responsible for being with the attorney and make sure she had all her paperwork, coffee, breakfast, and pay attention o the hearing so that during a recess I could give her a briefing ion what happened so far. Since I had graduated from TCU I was able to take her place in the case if she had an emergency.


Pebble Hills High School 2014-2018

I graduated this high school with a diploma and honors. I was a valedictorian and was president of the Principal’s Advisory Committee.

Texas Christian University 2018-2022

I graduated this university with a Master’s degree in Law and had a minor in Teaching. I was a valedictorian and graduated with honors. I was student body president and a campus spoke’s person

GPA: 3.7


I am very determined



I work well under pressure

I am very detailed and pay close attention to detail

I am a quick thinker