Warren Johnson of Hyde Park New York - Basketball Player

Warren Johnson of Hyde Park New York is an excellent property manager, a great customer service associate, but that isn't all he is, he also experienced much success as an athlete, specifically in basketball. His athletic abilities would surface over time during his childhood, and thanks to some outside influence from his friends and peers, he would begin to become involved in local sports, finding a particular fondness and affinity for basketball. Warren would go on to play basketball with a local team, and not just that. He would excel at it, becoming one of the best basketball players in the area. The cause of Griggs success as an athlete has been very similar to his professional career, says Warren, and factors such as determination, drive, and passion are recipes for success no matter what path you take.

Warren Johnson of Hyde Park New York's path, however, was one gilded in gold. His success on the basketball courts led him to many awards and various recognitions for his achievements. Though those glory days may be all but over, Warren still enjoys a good and vigorous game of basketball, one where he can relax and let the day unwind around him as he contemplates his thoughts. He says that basketball is one of the most relaxing sport he knows and that he truly feels more focused and in tune with the world when he gets to play it. Warren has a naturally competitive nature, which is why sports and athletics have always appealed to him, ever since he was a child. He says that the competitive spirit is the essence of capitalism and America and that wanting to be better than everybody else is the very way that America rose to be the great nation that it is today.