Imagine Fall


Imagine Fall

The second I step outside it feels like a new season. What a wonderful season. Oh how the dew in the grass makes my feet wet and muddy. The smell of the air is fresh like an air freshener. This time of year I like to go to the pumpkin patch. The fun thing about this season is that the leaves aren’t just plain green, there different colors also.

I love making piles of leaves so I can jump in them. I love getting candy and I love helping my mom and dad rake the leaves.

I like to settle on my porch watching my puppy crumble and play with the leaves. We also like to build forts when it is kind of chilly to keep us warm. Sometimes the blankets and towels will blow off and our fort will be ruined, but that’s ok because I can sit inside by the fireplace drinking a nice hot cup of hot cocoa. I can also make a warm and toasty fort in my own house.

The reason why I like this season is because you can do all these things in this season, even thanksgiving. The next season was frigid but my favorite season is hot and cold.

As I walk on the sidewalk I see little kids playing in there piled up leave piles laughing and bringing lots, and lots of love and joy to the season to the season as it goes by. I also love playing with my friends in this season. When it is kind of warm we play outside in the leaves and we play games. We like to play all kinds of amazing things.