Challenge Warmup

1. Go to and make sure you are logged in to your MISD account. Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

2. Navigate around and make sure you know how to get to Google DOCS, SHEETS, SLIDES, DRAWINGS, and CLASSROOM.  All of these Google products can be found once in your Google account in the gray waffle in the top right corner.  Classroom can be found by selecting More.  

3. Add your name to this spreadsheet and track your progress as you go through the challenges.

4. Put on a posture of experimentation! This is your opportunity to explore, tinker, ask questions, collaborate and grow! Each challenge should be completed within 10-15 minutes.  Split up the responsibility among team members as long as each person is involved and using the products.  The objective of this entire challenge is to become more familiar with the Google products and actively use them in your daily classroom instruction.  



Challenge #3

Link to Canva

Go to and use join code: zo5dv6c to post reflections for Challenge #3.  

Challenge #4

Be sure to complete Challenge 4 individually so that each person on your team has a Google Classroom Account and active class.  If you have already created a Google Classroom class for this year, then all you have to do is post your join code on the document below.  You can always go back and add a grade level class if you would like.  Be sure to post your join code in the document above so that Admin can join and participate also!  

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