Build a Bridge Contest

Your challenge will be to use the following supplies to create a bridge that can hold as much weight as possible - Use your supplies wisely as you won't be given any other materials once the competition has begun!

Supply List:

2 tooth picks

6 pieces of uncooked spaghetti

4 marshmallows

2 sheets of printer paper

4 note cards

3 paper clips

9 inches of painters tape

2 rubber bands

1 Ruler - Only for measuring purposes

*** You will have twenty minutes to build your bridge and have it set up to be tested***

Your bridge must cover an 8 inch open area (from desk edge to desk edge)

(The weight being put on the bridge will be different amounts/types of coins)

The group that has the bridge that holds the most weight will win a prize!!!!

You don't want your bridge to end up like the "Construction Fail" below, so make sure you use your planning time wisely today!

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3 years ago

If you have any comments or questions about the challenge, please post them here!

3 years ago

I like it. Is the picture of the constructed bridge using the supplies listed?

3 years ago

My classes have not done this challenge before so I do not have a photo of a completed project. This is just an example bridge I found online.