Wealth to Spain!

La riqueza de EspaƱa

Dear King Ferdinand,

             My name is Rafael Verdasco, and I have an idea on how to bring wealth and power to Spain. In 1492, you sent Christopher Columbus to go find spices and gold in Asia and he found the New World. In this new world, he found no gold and spices. Now in 1501 (question 1),  I know you would want to send me to find gold and spices, but I know an alternate way we can get gold and spices. In the new world, I will search for tradable items for gold, silk, and spices. Instead of searching for Asia, I will explore the new world for copper, coal, tobacco, and other natural resources. After that, we can try to trade it to Asia for spices and gold. Being born and brought up in Spain, I know your love for Christianity.  I will strive to convert all the natives into Christianity. I will go to the Eastern part of the new world because that is where I believe . I know that France, England, and Portugal are all in the race, but all of them are chasing  for gold and spice. They think that the new world has the same resources as Asia. Instead, I am going to explore the new world for tradable items. I have an easy way to handle the natives. First, I will go to their land and act like we want peace and then develop strong trading relations. I will then, help them defeat their enemies and develop a strong relation with them. They will let me have some land and help me defeat the other European. I expect to encounter starvation. To prevent starvation, I will need your money to feed these men. I will try my best to get the best food out of the limited materials I have. With the limited amount of money you give me, I will hire the best crew. I ask you, King Ferdinand, to please fund my exploration and help me BRING WEALTH TO SPAIN!!!!!!!

                                                                                                    Yours truly,

                                                                                                                       Rafael Verdasco

                                                                                                                    (a.k.a Ashwin Prabu)

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