Art 20: 2-D Visual Arts

Virtual Ways of Exploring Art

Understanding the Visual history of our world is crucial to understanding contemporary society. Our society is becoming increasingly Visual and in order to make sense of and respond to the visual stimuli we need to have a basic understanding of the history behind it. Additionally, it helps with your own art practice. Skills like critical thinking, meaning making, and creative compositional strategies can be developed through observation and discussion of Art History. By tracing how artists have questioned their world and pushed the boundaries, students will learn to look critically at the world around them and respond via artistic practice.

Learning Objectives:

- Students will incorporate technological devices into their creative process to evaluate whether it is useful to their personal art practice

-Students will learn basic movements in art history

- Students will learn how to take a contemporary issue or event and interpret and present their personal view through artistic practice

Assignment 1

Students will use one or more research app to research an artist or movement. Students will look at how the artists responded to the cultural stimuli and beliefs of the time and evaluate what strategies they used to push the boundaries. Students will do a brief presentation on their findings. This research will be used in the following painting assignment where the students will identify a contemporary issue and their personal stance via art using the techniques observed in their research.

Research Apps

Art Authority for iPad

Art Authority provides a comprehensive data base of art works, movements, and artists including contemporary work. Note: Art Authority has an emphasis on the western world (Euro-centric).

Art Lite

Images and biographies of artists throughout the history of the Western world. Contains a Factbook, Gallery, and Quiz games.

Art Museum Apps

Art museums from the National Art Gallery in London to M.O.M.A. (Museum of Modern Art) in New York all have their own apps in which the user can take a virtual tour and view the vast collections of historically important works that the museum holds.

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