A Day in the Life of the High School's Library

Photo Journalism Assignment
by Celine Kempen

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Always up to date about young people's literature is Coach Delafield, the Hargrave High School librarian.

The rules are tight in the Library and Lab- of course for valid reasons.

A little snack for the end of the day is more than necessary. Brandon Hancock sells Popcorn to Austin Shepherdsen during 8th period.

Generally everything is in order, but some things just have to stick out.

The order is of course maintained by Coach Delafield, but library aides help out where they can as Hancock does, shelving books.

The library is most of all a place for learning and working. Many classes come in for the computer lab. As did Mrs. Otto with her floral class, working on a wedding portfolio.

The ambiance is calm and home-y. The 'What's-New' section always presents the hottest book-deals.

Last but not least- the most important item in school: your ID!

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