Middle Colonies  Region

Isabel Geter 2nd Hour

The Colonies Names:

~New York


~New Jersey


Climate (Weather)

The climate in the middle colonies are moderate there really isn't a hot or cold feeling. Coming down to the middle colonies would be best because you don't really have to deal with the coldness or hotness of each season. For the days your out you can feel a nice warm day with out having to be sweating or freezing.


Food is an important source that you really need in your every day reality. The soil in the middle colonies can be good but not great. Some of things the middle colonies grow are wheat and corn mostly used for bread. This is why the middle colonies are know as the "Breadbasket."


The middle colonies are farming, lumbering, also shipbuilding and tradesman. They do a lot of trading for wealth. Also, they do ship building so they can trade things with different colonies (like food and appliances).

Mind your game because the middle colony is on its way!!

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