Plebeians and Patricians Become Equal

-By Jonah Silverman

Map of Rome

ROME, ITALY- The Patricians and Plebeians had a vote yesterday in Rome and they now have equality.

 All of them were Patricians. The vote was very close, 51%-49%, in favor of the Plebeians.

Lucius, a Plebeian stated, "I am so happy about the vote! I am so interested in politics and I would love to be a part of the votes!" He was one of the many happy Plebeians.

Titus, a confused Patrician, said, " I do not know how I feel about this vote. I voted that we should not be equal, but now I regret my decision. I feel bad for the Plebeians. They don't do anything wrong! They deserve to have a share of the power. I guess I am kind of happy that we both have power now."

This vote was held because the Plebeians were mad about not having enough power. The Patricians thought that middle class and poor people do not deserve to have power.

Julius, an angry Patrician said, " I am so angry! Those poor people don't deserve to have power! Before this, life was so easy! I didn't have to worry about those stupid Plebeians getting in the way of my job! I wish everything would go back to normal!" He was very mad about the outcome of the vote.

The Plebeians will now be able to participate in all political aspects of Rome. As stated by the judge who counted the votes, "All of Rome will be equal!"

Roman Political Building

Rome Wins Running Competition

-By Jonah Silverman

The Coleseum

ROME, ITALY- The Rome Runners have defeated Greece in the Championship of Running. It was a close game. The score was 8-7 in a series of Running competitions, including 40 yard dash and hurdles.

Luke, a member of the Runners, said, "It was crazy to win this competition. I have been dreaming of this for my whole life! It was amazing! I want to relive this moment again, and again, and again!"

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