5 Safety Internet Rules

By Alex R.H P 2

Here are the 5 rules for internet safety

1.(Do Not Respond) if someone is bullying you must tell a grown up and do not respond to the message just ignore .For example some posted me a message saying hey there weird kid i will just ignore it and tell my parents , its simple.

2.(Block Or Delete) here's something you should do, if you get a response from a stranger saying want to be friend's  say no you don't  even know him .And if your a friend's with a stranger and ask you do you want to meet delete the message and block him that's the right thing to do.

3.(Don't Give Information) what i mean is that don't give anyone not even your best friend your password and all that information, that all stays with you stays with you and your parents. And if you do give away your password, change your password because you are not suppose to trust anyone with your password.

4. (No Bad Language) because if your using bad language you could get in trouble by who ever you sent it to's parents .And it is disrespectful to use bad language on the internet that is count as cyber bullying.

5.(Be Smart And Be Safe)Not everyone is who they say they are they could be different and watching right now so be smart who your talking to online.And everyone knows to be safe on the internet so be safe.

Well that's my 5 rules of internet safety I hope you enjoyed reading them and following them thank you.

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