Who am I

  1. Chilling
  2. Hanging out
  3. Kickin it



  1. Talking with others
  2. leader

My True Colors personality color orange and blue

My strengths are

  1. Leader
  2. Rolling ONE’DEEP
  3. Ignores others and is about that work

My 3 main defining personality characteristics/traits are

  1. Friendly
  2. helpful
  3. kind


I enjoy working with people and my favorite subject is lunch

My favorite school subject is Lunch and recreation time (talking)

Work values

NAME Francisco Torres Period #5 Date 10/23/14

  1. 28 independance
  2. 24 relationships
  3. 21 achievement

Who am i

_im pretty chillin, outgoing friendly sometimes pretty tolerable with some people ha. I guess i dont depend on noone but myself cause thats all i need , me, myself, and I. I chose the career of becoming a cook because its fun and keeps me active. I like to keep people happy yunno . At first i was thinking about becoming a teen psychotic therapist to help teens understand that suicide and cutting and everything similar to that is all wrong to show them what they can do instead and to learn how cope with others and to stop hiding and running away from people that try to help them but are so caught up in their mind that they just can't seem to find a way out. Cooking helps me release stress and gets my mind off of things and like my grandma would say “full tummy makes a happy heart” . So this is the reason why i wanted to become a cook when i grow up.

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