Romanian Thank You Gifts

As we all know that people in different countries around the world have different cosmetic packaging box according to their cultures and traditions. Do you have any idea of what gift should be sent to Romanian? Today let’s have a brief learning about Romanian thank you gifts custom.

When you are invited to a Romanian home, it’s a good idea to bring wine, chocolates, cheese or flowers. In particular, bring an odd number of flowers is necessary, but not 13. You can send red roses for your valentine in a romantic occasion. Romanian hosts usually do not buy gifts for their guests, but if you want to get your Romanian guests a treat, they won't be confused or offended. In Romania, pricey gift could even be perceived as some sort of bribe, so Romanians don’t like expensive gifts. Choosing something modest gift is necessary. If you and your Romanian guests have business contacts, give those pens or coffee mugs with your company logo on them is appreciate. This is the sort of gift that Romanian businesspeople exchange with one another.

To our surprise, Romanians love to receive Western cosmetics as gifts. It seems that Romanian has a crazy obsession of sending American products as Romanian thank you gifts. Romanians like sending American cosmetics as paper food box like body lotions, face creams and all sorts of beauty tonics. Even Romanian men appreciate things like aftershave. If you are very close with your Romanian guests or someone is celebrating a birthday or special occasion, Western clothes would also be very much appreciated. Things that seem common to you seem exotic to your Romanian visitors. However, try to remember that not to buy anything so expensive which will make your guests uncomfortable.

In Romania, Romanian thank you gifts are always wrapped delicately. So if you want to send a gift to Romanian, try to wrap your gifts with a gift packaging box. Even if you are gifting a bottle of wine, it is customary for Romanians to wrap the gift. Your Romanian visitors might not open the gift in front of you because they think it is very rude. However, the strange thing is if they give you a gift, you can open it right away. Romanians might decline a gift the first time you offer it. It is considered as a polite rather means that they don't want their gift. You just need to insist to ask them take the gift and they should accept it with pleasure. If a Romanian person really can't accept your gift for some reason, she'll explain why.

This is a brief introduction about Romanian thank you gifts. If you still have questions of Vietnamese wedding gift Etiquette, you can visit for more information.

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