Aquarium Project


An anonymous donor has given your class $200 to buy and set up a freshwater aquarium for the classroom.  Since there are many different sizes of tanks and accessories, the class has been divided into groups.  Each group will research aquariums and make a proposal for the size of tank, accessories, and fish to buy. You should select the biggest tank and most accessories you can buy many not go over your budget.


Select the tank, hood, light, and filter first.  These will be some of your biggest costs.

Special Considerations:

* Remember that fish need room to grow and thrive.  Most aquarium supply shops suggest that you follow the rule of 1 inch for 1 gallon, that is, for every 1 gallon of water in the your tank, you may have a fish 1 inch long.  If you have a 10-gallon tank, for example, you may keep ten 1-inch fish or five 2-inch fish.

* While much equipment and supplies for aquariums are necessary, some are mostly decorative:

        Stones are colorful and provide a nice bottom but are not required.

        Water plants offer realism, allow fish hiding places, and add oxygen to water (supplementing the job of the air pump) but are not required.

        Snails and catfish help clean the aquarium but are not required.

*  You may want to use a Google Drive Document to make a list of items you may need and their prices.

*  To reduce the chances you will run over your budget, keep a running tally of the items you are considering.

* Remember sales tax.  Sales tax in the city of Huntsville is 8.5%.  You will multiply your total purchase by 8.5% and add the amount to your purchase to figure your total cost.

*  After you have decided on equipment, accessories, and fish, total your costs, and subtract them from your budget.  Next, create a thinglink using a picture of an aquarium with links showing your purchases.  Double check your numbers, and be able to justify your decisions.

*  Submit the URL link to your thinglink on the google form provided.

Links to shop for fish:


1. Research using the links above and find all the items for your aquarium.  You may want to keep a Google Sheet with a running total.  See example below.

2. Things to include:  Tank, Hood and Light, Filter, Air Pump, Air line, Air Stone, Charcoal, Stones (for the bottom of the tank), Fish Food, Your choice of fish (Guppies, Goldfish, Snails), Water Plants.  

3. One person from each group should log in to your Thinglink account.  The teacher will provide you with your log in information.  You have an account set 

4. Choose a background picture that relates to the topic.

5.  Place links to the items you plan to purchase.  See the example thinglink below.

6. Complete the assignment by clicking on "Complete the Aquarium Form" and filling out the information.  You will need the share link for your thinglink.  Ask the teacher if you need help.

See my example below

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