About My Life

I wake up at  6:30 am, take a shower, brush my teeth, brush my hair, get dress, and at 7:30 i wait for the bus, first drop off the junior high and high school. an i go to my first period and is cosmology an is the L hall and 2nd period i still stay in cosmology and i have A lunch so i wait for my cousin to go lunch, me and my cousin go walk around the school because we not eat lunch. i go to my 3rd period is the Q hall and i go to my adv. is in the A hall and i go to my last period is in the P hall and when the class is over i wait for the bus to take me to my house, i go to work at 5:00 pm in i clock in when my number then i count the money to make should that is right then i go to one min cash in to put the money i count in, we have to do the meat, onion, ice, chips and then we finish we have to clean the line and wash the dish and take out the bread for the morning people, we have to make sandwich, salad, soup  to the people. we always have to said hello welcome to subway  and be nice people we close at 10:00 to finish the i have to count the all the bread, salad, flatbread and the money and close the day.

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