People Show

“Madly experimental, visually stunning theatre.” The Sunday Times

The People Show began as a group of five people in 1966 as they performed in the basement of Better Books. The group became Britain's first experimental theater company.

  • work was initially tightly scripted
  • contained bizarre imagery and a prominent use of soundtapes
  • the *SPACE* was of utmost importance in the creation of the show
  • abandoned scripts after a year to take on more edgy, risky, improvised shows, being more image-based and visually structured
  • developed a love for visual spectacle, music, and lighting

"The company is now headed up by a group of seven artists: Gareth Brierley, Sadie Cook, Fiona Creese, George Khan, Mark Long, Jessica Worrall and Chahine Yavroyan who work closely with other People Show artists to create each show." (!brief-history/cpjh)


"_Today People Show are a core group of seven artists who work together, and also independently, with a much wider network of Associate Artists who have been, and continue to be, involved with the company on a show by show basis._" (_!about/c10fk_)

  • sometimes a show is completely created from scratch, starting with nothing but the skills and personality of the individuals in the company at the time
  • if an artist approaches with an idea they would like to develop, they are encouraged to research it further on their own or with someone
  • commitment to multi-disciplinary creation
  • strives to have balanced input from new and older members
  • this allows for new material to be created from the clashing of the generations

"_We have a commitment to creating theatre in its widest sense, embracing emergent technologies whilst remaining sensitive to the human scale._" (_!about/c10fk_)

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