Code Talker

By: Landon T.

When Japan breaks out in battle against America, the Marine Corps need the language of Navajo Indians to send crucial messages in the midst of battle. Ned Begay wants to join at the moment of this announcement. He says he is old enough, joins, breezes through boot camp, and finds himself involved in the secret of the Navajo Code Talkers. Now, during war, he must brave the heaviest of the battle in World War II. From his experiences, from Guadalcanal to Iwo Jima and farther, leave him forever changed.

Code Talker Book By: Joseph Bruchac


This story takes place at a simple Navajo home with a little boy waiting to go to a regular every day school. It also takes place at Hawaii, Iwo Jima, and Guadalcanal.

Mt. Suribachi

This picture is of the first flag of America being taken down on Mount Suribachi

This flag was being taken down. By the time the photographer got there the first flag was being taken down, so he did not get have a chance to take a picture of the flag being put up. These six Marines were going to put up a bigger flag on top of the Mount. Their Commander was going to keep the first flag as a souvenir and have a bigger flag put up on the mount so all knew that the island was American. The one on the far left was actually a friend of Ned Begay and a Navajo Code Talker.

This is where Mount Siribachi is located. It is on the peninsula of Iwo Jima.

Main Characters

The main characters in my book are Ned Begay, Georgia Boy, a regular man from Yankee state, and Smitty, an amazing U.S. soldier. During Neddie's whole time as a Marine, Smitty is at his side protecting his Navajo code talker. In all the many invasions, all three of these troops were in the same boat invading the island.

Code Talker Fox Hole

Navajo Code Talker

The reason the U.S made the Navajo code was because during the war, when they needed to send important messages during battle, the Japanese could intercept the message, hear it, and plot against it. America had tried every language but Japan figured out all. Japan had actually sent Japanese to learn every language they could find. The only one not discovered was Navajo. They were forced to bring in Navajo recruits as code talkers during they whole war.


I would recommend this book because it is very adventurous and filled with action, so anyone that likes adventure, action and war.

Code Talkers Book Trailer

This is my book trailer.


The theme of this story is to be brave and endure all things.

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