Anne Noone Adams, St. Michael's Field Hockey Coach

Self-Direction. Leaders are able to direct themselves effectively and powerfully.  Know howing to get things done, how to organize tasks and how to avoid procrastination. Knowing how to generate energy for projects, to calm when angered. Leaders can make decisions quickly when necessary, but can also slow to consider all the options on the table.

Anne Noone Adams, Jeff Adams, Margerite and Kevin

Anne epitomized self-direction and leadership to me throughout my hockey career, as a colleague coaching together together after I graduated andcontinues to do so as a friend today.  The experience of playing hockey, followed by a coaching stint gave me the "classic" sports experience where I learned the value of teamwork, setting common goals, perseverance and community.  I highly value this experience but feel that I had an extra added bonus learning opportunities because of Anne's presence, leadership and compassion.  Anne qualifies as a quiet leader, motivating each one of her players with thier strengths, supporting their needs and masterfully weaving all of that together to create a community of love, respect and desire to be the best.  She directed us firmly and fairly, allowing us to learn from our mistakes together. She always brought intense energy to the field, practice or game alike.  She made swift and accurate decisions while pacing the sidelines like a tiger.  Disappointments became learning and victory became the glue of life time relationships.  What I practice when I coach young people in any sport, in the classroom or adults in learning environments, I practice what Anne modeled and taught me.  Know them first.  Find their strengths and capitalize on them.  Support and guide them through their weaknesses and insist on deep practice.  Let them work it out.  Ask them quetions.  Celebrate with joy and cry along side them after set backs.  Many a moment has arisen where I would think, "What would Anne do?"  The legacy of this leader lives in me and guides my practices everyday.