Dfc Climate Description

                                                        BY: AIDAN FAINO

Temperature:      Average temperatures for the coldest months are around 27°F and/or lower. Average temperatures for the warmest months are 50°F and/or more. Annually temperature ranges for Dfc climates varies widely.

Characteristics/Precipitation: Short cool summers, with long harsh winters. large variability in weather patterns. Dfc climates receive precipitation equally throughout the year, generally receiving 10-20" of rain each year.

Fauna: bears, badgers, reindeer, and snow-shoe rabbit

Flora: Coniferous evergreens, spruce, and pine trees are most abundant.

Distribution:  Northern North America, and Northern Eurasia

(Alaska , Siberia , Scotland , Turkey , Rocky Mountains , France , Spain , much of Scandinavian <-- I know, it's not a country ,  Canada)

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