New Discovery, How the Brain recognizes danger!

Our existence is depending on a mechanism know as "fight or flight", but where in a human brain does this alarm first go off? A team of scientists began to answer these questions in an paper called Nature that was said to publish January 19. They first looked at the part of the brain know as the "switch board". They then completed an experiment to see if without a certain gene if mice would recognize danger. They concluded form this, that pPVT plays an important role in conditioning mice to fearing certain situations and to remember those fears.

This article was very appealing to me because it amazes me how the human brain works and how many little things are constantly working together. Realizing danger is an important thing to a persons existence and by doing experiments and research we can figure out what gene makes us recognize this danger. Our brain is that powerful that after recognizing danger a first time, it can remember those fearful situations! I believe that research like these are very important to finding out different things our brain can do and how smart it actually is.


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3 years ago

We did the same one. I really liked it too. I feel like the more we research the more we can understand why people fear some things and react some ways to things that scare them.