Chapter 2 Project: Hot! Hot! Hot!

Tamara Pittman
2nd period math III Honors

Your company makes two different kinds of sauce, Red Hot Sauce and Scorchin’ Hot Sauce.

The Red Hot Sauce you have : 5 green peppers

                                                        4 Hot Chili Peppers = 4x+5y less than equal to 1050

                                                      = y less than equal to -5/4x+262.5

The Scorchin’ Hot Sauce you have: 8 hot chili peppers

                                                                   4 green peppers =8x+4y less than equal to 1200

                                                                 = y less than equal l/2x+150

                               This is the graphed inequalities of the sauces that were given from the company as you can see they both are graphed.

Activity 1:  Graphing of the Green Peppers and Hot Chili Pepper

they both was considered an (x,y) and came out to y equal the amount of peppers that has been graphed in the first activity up above.

Activity 2:  The maximum price was concluded to be 255 as the maximum profit.

Each is compared with each sauce either the red hot sauce or schorchin hot sauce to estimate and come up with the maximum profit of each pt of sauce 1.20 for one pt of red hot sauce and 1.oo for 1 pt of schorchin hot sauce.

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Activity 3: sauce ingredient

1pt. of tomato sauce was estimated to be $2.20                Hot sauce was $ 1.60

1 green pepper was $.45                                                    

1 hot chili pepper $.55    (selling price was $6.75)

for each sauce you would multiply the price by the number of peppers that you have to include in the sauce such as .55(4) hot chili peppers once you have configured your answers you add them all up to get the price and how much to make.

      Schorchin hot sauce : $2.20 a pt.

      .45(5) green peppers & .55(10) hot chili peppers  (selling price was $9.95)

Activity 4: above

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