Holiday Fun

Learn - Use - Grow .... Twitter-style
Warren Hills Team Meetings
Wednesday, December 18

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

But our training will be delightful... come join us for a team meeting that is high in energy and learning, where holiday music will be playing AND there will be plenty of chocolate for all!

What are our goals for our session? Well, that will depend on your team's level of readiness so take a look at the list below and think about questions you might want to bring to the table as we will differentiate for the priorities of each team:

Goal 1 - How can we use Twitter to collaborate?

  • Within building
  • Within district
  • Within education

Goal 2 - How can we use Twitter to enhance communication?

  • With students
  • With parents
  • With staff

Goal 3 - Take the Twitter Challenge...
Your learning won't end after your team meeting. At the end of this session, you will be asked to add your goal to our "Use it or Lose it" challenge. Take what you learned in this session and apply it in the next two weeks. We will check back with you after the holidays to see what new Twitter habits you have formed and what PD supports we can provide to help you continue to "Learn - Use - Grow".

What you can do to prepare for this session

  • Bring your charged iPad
  • Know your Apple ID and password to download applications specific to your team's needs
  • Snap a few pictures of your students today with your iPad - we will be using these in our session!
  • Last but certainly not least - Bring your sense of humor - we will laugh a lot during this session for sure!

What if I'm new to Twitter?!?

Join our conversation #whcats!