What is Telemedicine?

  1. the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.

Pros: If you have a fear of going to doctors or hospitals you don't have to

If there is no time to go to the hospital, you can still get treatment

This system is useful for the patients residing in inaccessible areas or isolated regions


  • The overall cost of telecommunication system, especially data management apparatus and practical training of medical professionals is great.
  • Low quality of health informatics records, like, X-ray or other images, clinical progress reports, etc. run the risk of faulty clinical treatment.
  • Telemedicine system requires tough legal regulation to prevent unauthorized and illegal service providers in this sector.

An American citizen was over in Haiti when an earthquake went off in 2010. They had equipment set up to have the man get medically checked out from a doctor in Arizona.

A wide-spread application of telemedicine in Germany and abroad has failed due to the small-sized organisational structures of healthcare for in- and outpatients and - with regard to abroad - due to the fact that German healthcare companies primarily have a local orientation and their focus is Germany, not abroad. The overcoming the boundaries of the different healthcare sectors and the upcoming of performing healthcare companies acting nationwide at first in inpatient care, but later also in outpatient care should - and will - be used for telemedical applications.

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